Well done!

I appreciate thoughtfulness, craft, creativity, attention to detail, passion, and kindness that provide peace and joy to others. 

I'm using this page to keep track of such wonderful people, acts, and things to inspire myself and to share my appreciation!   

Packaging of Taotronics LED desk lamp (link)

Notice how the handle is off-center?

That's to balance the weight evenly so that the box doesn't tilt to one side when you are carrying it! The left side of the box holds the base of the lamp, and is much heavier than the right side. 

The lamp itself is well designed and functional with sleek touch controls, flexible tilts, multiple levels of brightness, and a night color mode that's easier on the eyes. LED is pretty energy efficient too. 


Ikea has launched an augmented reality app that can help you visualize their furniture in your home, true-to-size! It is both magical and useful. 

Apple AirPods connection

Before Airpods, it was a pain to set up and connect Bluetooth headphones to your phones. Apple made it magical and delightful. Your phone instantly recognizes the AirPods and connects within seconds. There's a delightful visual and animation as well.