Hey! Wonderful that you are here. It's great that two strangers, you and I, are now connecting over these transcribed brain waves that I call my blog (too much? :)). Send me a note to say hi if we are into similar stuff. 

My name is Aswath. I'm a fellow human in this mysterious and fascinating world. I write about my insights on living well, building products, careers, and anything in the world that I find interesting. I write to get clarity, to enjoy, to share, and to discuss.

I think life is about enjoying myself (play) and helping a few others enjoy it too (work and responsibilities) while staying peaceful and growing. I wrote this short poem on Meaning and my improv analogy for life. I want to experience joy, peace, passion, and adventure. I strive for clarity in my thinking, warmth in my interactions, and intent and integrity in my actions. 

I enjoy by following my curiosities, exploring the world, creating, discussing, and having a good time with family (friends and family). I am curious and like learning about things - brain, body, science, people, economics, technology, and everything else. 

I stay peaceful by accepting and appreciating reality, being optimistic, with regular reflection and practice, living with integrity (principles match words and actions), and by staying mentally, physically, socially, and financially healthy.

I try to help others stay peaceful and enjoy by creating, guiding, writing, and giving. I want to help by being a source of clarity, joy, laughter, optimism, and support. 

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