Aha Explanations

Great explanations can drive a concept home. Here's my collection of all the great explanations I have stumbled on:

Pass by value vs pass by reference (computer programming)

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NLP - bag of words

Laws of UX - link

Data, Knowledge, Wisdom


Milton Friedman on capitalism and the miracle of the pencil

Steve Jobs on positioning

10X Communication concepts


A Quora answer from Joscha Bach: It seems that our organisms benefit from complex information processing, and hence evolved a bunch of fat cells into biological computers: our brains. These biological computers count the impulses of sensory neurons in extremely fancy ways, to predict future sensory input, with respect to the needs of the organism. These fancy ways include the generation of a dynamic world model, including a self model, and an integrated protocol of operations performed on this world model. I think it is this integrated protocol that we experience as our consciousness.

Consciousness by itself is neutral: it does not want anything, and it does not identify with anything. To make our regulatory processes want anything, the organism corrupts them with an elaborate motivational system, creating pleasure and pain and various impulses, directed on future pleasure and pain. To make our regulatory processes identify with anything, the organism corrupts them with experiences of perspectivity, personhood, agency, a proprioceptive body image etc.

Mean and Median