PM and interview coach

Do you want to improve your chances of landing that dream PM job or to accelerate your career growth? I can help! 

I have been a PM for 10 years and grown to a principal PM at Lyft. My path has not been smooth and I have learned a lot along the way that'd make it easier and quicker if I had do it over again. I have conducted 100s of interviews and have received offers from Facebook, Amazon, Uber, Lyft, and Microsoft. 

We'll discuss goals and assess where you are. We'll work on specific feedback and exercises that will close the gap. 

I like to coach because I enjoy discussing product management and helping people grow. I charge a nominal amount to make sure you are serious.

If you are interested, email me at aswath87 at to schedule. 

Coaching offerings

Career coaching (1 free session + 3 deep-dives)

Fast track your next promotion to senior or principal PMs. There are several simple, but key levers that people overlook for years.  

We'll start with 1 free trial session to discuss goals and assess where you are. 

We'll have 3 follow up sessions where we'll identify 1-2 areas to work on, do exercises and get.

Interview coaching (mock practice + feedback)

Improve your odds of getting your dream job and a substantially higher offer!

In our session, we'll do a practice interview, followed by my feedback and rating.

You can choose one of these popular interview types (1 hour each).
  • Product Sense 
  • Product Analytics
  • Leadership
  • Experience review
If you are interested, email me at aswath87 at to schedule.