Transforming your mind holistically: Physical, Psychological, and Philosophical approaches

I have long been interested in the mind. Why wouldn’t everyone be?! Everything we perceive as life is through the mind. So much so that you can even hypothesize that the entire universe is conjured within the mind, rather than the other way around. 

The mind remains a mystery to us. But luckily, we don’t need to fully understand how something works to be able to operate it sufficiently well. Anyone who drives a car, browses the internet, uses a microwave, or relies on gravity to stay put would agree. We have discovered several techniques to alter this black box of mind to be more pleasant and effective. 

This is my semi-organized brain dump of some of those across 3 broad realms - 

  • Physical is the easiest place to start and the quickest path to impact. Move the body to move the mind!
  • Philosophical is the hardest and slowest as it takes a lot of exploration, understanding, and reframing of reality, both intellectually and experientially. But when it works - what some religions refer to as enlightenment or liberation - it'll have a life-changing impact. 
  • Psychological is somewhere in the middle. There are formulaic tactics to observe and reframe our subconscious by increasing our awareness and strengthening our conscious mind, which can have a dramatic impact on thoughts, emotions, and actions. 


1. Change your brain chemistry to increase serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin

  • High-intensity exercise, deep sleep, sun, cold exposure 
  • Diet, supplements and nootropics
  • Music and dance
  • Socializing and intimacy
  • Flow state by doing things at the right level of difficulty, or accomplishing quick wins
  • Certain drugs (though you may be borrowing from the future)

2. Make plans or progress to address underlying discomforts, fears, or desires

  • Creating a to-do list
  • Quick wins and progress
  • Embracing challenges and growth mindset as a way of life
  • Getting advice or help from a friend, colleague, mentor, or content
  • Dropping some goals, expectations, or commitments; or extending timelines
3. Curate your environment
  • Spending time with people who inspire and energize 
  • Creating a home/work environment that’s also comfortable, functional, energizing. 
  • Living and participating in communities, neighborhoods, cities, organizations that reflect your values, goals, and inspire you. 


1. Reframe underlying and subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and mindset to make your feelings and actions more positive

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy 
  • Self-hypnosis, Manifestations
  • Gratitude
  • Peers, coaches, mentors

2. Identify, vocalize, and integrate different parts of your mind and life to achieve harmony


1. Understand the cause-effect of everything in your mind and outside, and achieve equanimity and clarity in the process

2. Surrender to the universe and accept a greater power beyond you

3. Understand the impermanence of life, drop most attachments and aversions, and live a harmonious life

4. Drop the intellectual facade and enjoy the magic and absurdity of the experience