Dear Dobby

Dobby, the lovable elf in Harry Potter, is often filled with so much self-loathing that it’s hard to watch. You want to hug him and reassure him that he’s okay and he’s loved.

It’s even harder because Dobby isn’t just a fictional character in a made-up magical world. Dobby is very real - we all have one within us. 

Our inner Dobby is often our meanest boss, negligent carer, and harshest critic. Inner Dobby is often upset or unhappy with us. Inner Dobby never thinks we are good enough. Inner Dobby never thinks we deserve a break. 

I want to hug mine and everyone else’s inner Dobby, and reassure them with this short poem - 


Dear Dobby, I love you. 

The entire universe, since the beginning of time,

Has conspired to manifest you. 

Never has there been and never will there be 

A life like yours, or anyone like you

The mysterious forces truly want you. 

You feel like you messed up 

Or aren’t quite enough

And lament that you failed everyone, and you.

But all you need to do is just be you

You are a new baby domino

And there are greater powers acting beyond you. 

You may feel like you aren’t worthy 

That self love is selfish, or only when you are good. 

But remember, dear Dobby

The wise universe made just one of you.

You deserve all the kindness, care and love

Trust it will bring out the best in you.