Action produces Information

The CEO of Coinbase shared this advice to pre-PM fit startup founders and it really resonated:

Low certainty pursuits and decisions, like your life purpose or philosophy, career or startup idea to pursue, who’d be an ideal life partner, where would you like to live, etc. are often the most impactful and the most challenging aspects of our lives. 

They are unique in the sense you don’t have enough information to make a rational choice. The options and their outcomes are unknowns. So we can get stuck in analysis-paralysis trying to figure them out intellectually. But that doesn’t solve the core problem - the lack of information and certainty.

The way to get more information is to act - go explore, ask around, and try things out. Keep an open mind, your cycles fast and, learn from them. 

The best way to see through the fog is to take a few steps forward into the unknown.