Will you emerge stronger or weaker?

COVID-19 spread is a once in a lifetime situation and there are many reasons to be worried about health, family, and finances. One thing that seems certain is that things will be back to normal in a year or two for most of us. There is a silver lining to most of the recent disruptions and changes:
  • Office closed and WFH: bonus commute time and energy to exercise, read, pursue a hobby.
  • Slow down at work or business: great, more time to flesh out that strategy, idea, side project, or to sharpen the tools that we never seem to have the time to do usually.
  • Financial concerns: audit and clean up unnecessary spending and organize accounts.
  • Social distancing: spend time alone, reflect, think of what you want to do and make some plans.
  • Schools closed: enjoy the family time, figure out creative and fun ways to engage with kids.
  • Panic and worry around you: practice empathy, kindness, service.
There are ways to emerge stronger than the alternative of spending all our time reading the same news, stressing about things out of our control, being unhealthy etc.