It is a challenge, not an annoyance

An approach that's helping me deal with problems positively is to consider them as a challenge and as a puzzle that needs to be solved, rather than as an annoyance.

Colleague or partner not working well with you? Figure out how you can form a better relationship, why they are acting the way they are, or get help to fix the situation.

Stuck on a project or career that's going nowhere? Write a retrospective on why, get thoughts from friends/mentors, figure out an actionable plan and change course.

Feeling lack of motivation or energy? Reflect on why your brain and body are responding the way they are, and how you can take small steps get out of the rut.

Getting frustrated and then complaining or wallowing in self-pity doesn't solve a problem. It makes you feel out of control and stops you from learning and growing. The expectation that life will always be smooth and without problems is absolutely unreasonable. So expect that that things won't go your way and be curious to understand why.

If you approach every problem as a puzzle and challenge, life is more interesting and you continually become a capable and confident learner and problem solver.