All the world's a stage and we are all merely players

I find that having different perspectives of looking at the world and life helps.

One interesting one is to imagine the world as a movie that's continually being shot: The movie opens with an explosion and a hot gaseous rock. Several chemicals and heat somehow lead to the first living cell. Chemicals, minerals, cells, astroids, an endless array of species shape the world over millions of years. Then, humans come into existence, live along with countless other species, and do a lot of strange and interesting things.

How would this perspective guide your life?
  • Enjoy and appreciate the diversity of scenes and actors. No scene is objectively better than the other. 
  • Create a scene that you want to. If you have an idea for a scene, make it happen. If you like someone else's scene idea, join them. 
  • Don't worry about how your scene will be received or how many see it. Enjoy your act. There are no awards for this movie.
  • Don't hoard the stage. Know that you are a small part of a very, very large production. Let other people, species, things play their scenes and parts too. 
  • Know that a different scene will replace yours soon. That's the beauty of it. Gracefully and joyfully let it happen.