Passion attracts luck

A few years ago, I became curious about figuring out how to learn effectively. I read a bunch on the topic, built an app and talked to my friends and coworkers about it. One day, a coworker casually mentioned that a mutual friend works at an education startup that was hiring. I now work for that company!

I too have referred friends to jobs, shared articles, invited them to events and made introductions based on what they seemed genuinely interested in. I have worked for good managers who consciously look out for opportunities that fit their team's stated and demonstrated interests. I know people who are so into sports or their hobbies that others initiate insightful conversations and share tips or leads with them.

There is a lot of upside to identifying your interests, acting on them passionately and expressing it to the world (you don't even have to as it'll be noticeable).

Genuine passion shows and magically attracts opportunities. Put it out in the universe and the universe will surprise you.