Everything is fascinating if you are curious

Yesterday, I was watching the Oscar winning movie, Green Book, which has some really wonderful music. I wondered about some things that we all take for granted - music, sounds and hearing. What is sound? How is it created? How do we hear it? Do we all hear the same thing?

Sounds are vibrations that travel through a medium. Our ears have tiny hairs that convert these vibrations to electrical signals that the brain interprets as whatever we hear.

How do these hairs work? What do the electrical signals looks like? How does the brain interpret the signal? Do some people hear music better? Why do we get so much pleasure from some sounds and irritated by others?

There are so many questions, so many interesting details for every single thing that exists or happens around us. What motivates people? How does a television work? How did capitalism come about? How do financial markets work? How does your brain store memories? How do cells in your body age? What is the secret to great relationships?

Learning about the world gives us super powers to operate the world and create an amazing experience for ourselves and others. A violin is just a piece of wood if you don't know how to play it. Be curious, learn and ask questions until you deeply understand, and then play with it.

The world is a theme park for the curious and you have a life-time pass to have an incredible adventure.

PS - Take a few minutes to watch Feynman speak about how fascinating the world is. It's worth it.