On exercise

Every time I exercise, I feel like an idiot for not doing it more often! The boost in energy, happiness, clarity, stress-relief lasts for an entire day. Daily exercise is a no-brainer and clearly improves our quality of life and yet, most of us find it hard to do. I’m still working on this habit, but a few tricks have helped me. 
  • Do something everyday, even if it's really small. If you don’t feel like going to the gym, take a brisk walk, go up and down your stairs for 15 mins. do the 7 minute work out
  • Integrate exercise into lifestyle. Bike or walk to work, take the stairs, use a stand up desk, walk around during your thinking time, do chores at work
  • Make it social. Workout with a friend, sign up for a class, play sports
  • Sign up for a half marathon (or some other fitness event). This got me to run nearly every day.
  • Track your exercise. Get a fitness tracker or use an app like Way of Life.
  • Don’t make it a choice. You only have to exercise your will power if you think it’s a choice. If it’s a thing you have to do everyday, then you don’t make excuses.

I’m also learning how to exercise, but that’s another blog post.