"All the benefits in life come from compound interest - relationship, money, habits - anything of importance." - Naval Ravikant

While there's excitement and discovery in trying new things, they don't last long. I find more sustained meaning, joy, and success in pursuing a few things deeply and over a long time. 

For instance, I feel happier and connected through spending quality time and conversing with close friends and family than mindlessly scrolling through and hearting posts of hundreds of people I barely know on Instagram or Facebook. 

I learn more by reading a book or doing a course or project on a subject than by reading fleeting tweets or news articles. 

I enjoy and succeed at a profession or hobby more as I practice and master it over many years. It's more enjoyable and effective to work with a familiar and trusted crew. 

As an immigrant and frequent mover, I have also found comfort and appreciation in living in the same neighborhood for a long time and revisiting places. You get to know and interact with the people, places, and things. 

Exploration is important, but it's a means to the end of finding a deeper and longer pursuit. If I feel short of meaningful pursuits, I'd spend more energy on exploration. But otherwise, I'd spend more time cultivating and going deeper into what I have than simply hopping around. 

There's a lot of richness and joy in everything that you only unlock with depth and over time.