Mind & Matter

I had a realization that whenever I'm attacked by the flu or any sickness, my mood's also caught in the crossfire! My usual sunny outlook clouds over faster than you can say "pass the tissues."

As I start to claw my way back to health, my spirits lift too. But try as I might, I'm not able to "happy thought" my way out of feeling crummy when sick. 

"Mind over matter" is exaggerated. Sure, our thoughts have power, but they're not always the captain of this ship. For most of us who aren't Buddha, our well-being is this intricate tapestry woven from our physical health, the love we get from those around us, where we are in life – literally and figuratively – and whether we feel safe and sound in our world.

Ever caught an episode of "Queer Eye"? It's like a masterclass in holistic healing. That fab five don't just revamp wardrobes; they renovate lives with their all-hands-on-deck approach – tackling everything from throw pillows to life goals.

That's why I'm all about embracing a more rounded approach when it comes to mental health. Chatting things out is great – don't get me wrong – but sometimes what you really need is someone who'll help repaint your kitchen sunshine yellow or remind you why your homemade lasagna could bring world peace.

Nowadays, instead of waging war against the sniffles-and-frowns brigade, I lean into it. It's okay not to be your sparkliest self when you're sick. Think of it like weathering a storm – hunker down, take it slow, and focus on getting back to full strength.