Don’t invest in space travel until you are a billionaire

I don’t know if many billionaires will read this blog, but this is still an important principle for the rest of us too. 

Almost every game in life - sports, business, career, academia, family and friendship, hobbies - is played in levels. For example, in car racing, you have to compete in your school clubs, then inter-school, then regional, then F4, F3, F2, and then finally F1. 

Seems reasonable, but most of us want to jump to the final level right away. We regularly see inspiring and glamours videos of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, or Sam Altman, so we also want to aim high and start a space or AI company. We don’t want to work on a silly job or start a small business; we just want to change the world doing something way more important and shinier!

But what we don’t see as often is that these folks only got where they are because they worked through many lower levels of less glamorous jobs and business for decades. Elon Musk built and sold 3 businesses before he could start SpaceX. Jeff Bezos worked at a hedge fund for a decade, then started Amazon for just books and expanded it over a few more decades, before he started Blue Origin. Even before their careers, they spent decades learning and doing projects. 

Before they were at the top levels, they only had access to the lower levels. They worked hard and smart through these lower levels, and developed the skills, resources, network, and resilience that gave them access to the top and the ability to take bigger risks.

There’s no magic elevator, so don’t waste time looking for one. Take the steps.