It's the 4th of July! The day where we celebrate American independence with warm summer gatherings, BBQs, beer, and fireworks. 

A foundational principle of USA is freedom. Often referred to by patriots, FREEDOM! Freedom is great - I certainly don't want to live in a society where my life choices, potential, and path are largely dictated and limited by other humans. 

This freedom did not come easy and is still fragile. It needed an inspiring vision for a better future, courage to act on it, and cooperation to unite together. Without its continued defense, the natural order of concentrated power will grow and return. 

This freedom was not and still is not uniformly distributed. Native Americans, millions of slaves, women, LGBTQ, or lower-income populations did not and still do not enjoy the same rights. Subjugation comes in many forms - legal, representation, access, cultural, opportunity, economic, etc. 

This freedom is not absolute. Where it clearly and unfairly hurts other individuals or the broader society, freedoms can be limited for the greater good. Even in our personal lives, we need to sacrifice (like doing chores and taking care of health) to be free. But too many limits or forced equality can dismantle freedom.