Satisfice and simplify non-focus areas

I realized my investment portfolio is complex. I have investments across 6 different accounts and own over 25 individual stocks.  

This may not be that complex for someone who's a finance expert or actively manages their investments. I'm not that. Managing finances is essential but not the area of my life where I want to excel - I'd instead focus on interests and differentiated skills in building products, businesses, or writing. I'd be happy with a B+ than an A+ (satisficer vs. maximizer). 

The complexity prevents me from monitoring and managing effectively. I don't have enough knowledge, skills, or regular focus in this area to deal with the complexity either. 

A more straightforward strategy like - (a) Automated investment and dollar-cost averaging, (b) Investing into a balanced portfolio of cash, stock indices, and a very few individual stocks, bonds, real-estate, and (c) Buy & hold and then, rebalancing twice a year and as needed to adjust for disturbances in balance or both my age/risk/needs, Or paying a fee to outsource this to a financial advisor or to Robo advisor services like Wealthfront or Betterment to all of the above may also serve me better. 

The bottom line is to be a satisficer and simplify most areas of life to focus on, maximize, and enjoy a few areas that you care about. If you try to do everything, you do nothing well and are less happy.