3 crystal balls

Imagine if someone gave you 3 crystal balls and said your life depends on them. If they get dirty or cracked, your life suffers. If they break, your life ends. If they are spotless and well kept, your life will be a joy. 

Now imagine how much you'd care for them. You'd keep them in a safe place, polish and shine them, examine them every day for any damage, and never let anything or anyone harm them. 

It makes life simple, doesn't it? Just take care of 3 crystal balls and all is good! 

I'm now going to give you those 3 crystal balls that determine the quality of your life. 

I can hear some of you groan, "Ah not this mind body spirit hocus pocus again!" or "I already knew that. My grandma told me this." To you all, I say, most of the precious life wisdom is actually simple and know for ages (see Lindy effect). We know them, but we simply don't follow them and chase after the latest trend. Repetition and clarity don't spoil the prayer. So let's dive into why and how we take care of these 3 crystal balls. 

Crystal Ball 1 - Mind

What you call "you" in your mind and what you call life or "reality" is all perceived and created in the mind. Every experience you have is through your mind; therefore the quality of your mind shapes the quality of your life. Think back to when you were sleep-deprived, stressed, or depressed. I'm guessing you didn't have a good life experience during those times. And if you aren't fully present, are you even alive in those moments? 

Crystal Ball 2 - Body

Our mind is inextricably attached to our body. There are nerve signals, hormones, blood, nutrients, and all sort of other things that are constantly exchanged between the mind and the body. Think of the times you were sick, in pain, or exhausted. The health of your body plays a huge role in the quality of your life experience. 

Crystal Ball 3 - Spirit

Spirit is a fluffy term. I define Spirit as what makes life worth living and what makes it worth taking care of the other crystal balls. It's the excitement, love, joy, and purpose that you feel. Think of the times when you felt directionless, demotivated, bored, or stuck. 

These crystals are tightly related and connected!

Your clarity of mind, peace, and joy determines how you take care of your body and fuel your spirits. Your body's health and energy influences your mind and spirit. Your spirit gives you the motivation for a better mind and body. 

Each one improves the other two. But they can also drag each other down in a vicious cycle and you feel like you are in a rut. If that happens, the ball to start is with your body - just start moving every day and the rest will follow. 

Caring for the crystal balls

There's a lot that has been discovered and shared about taking care of these crystal balls. My main advice is to keep it really simple and practicing them regularly. Here are some simple crystal ball care techniques that work well for me: 

  • Attitude: Deep understanding and regular affirmation of the inherent meaninglessness of life and what really matters to you; integrity between what you believe, think, and do; curiosity, optimism, excitement, playfulness; growth mindset. Catching and avoiding stress, judgment, negative talk or thought, or obsession.
  • Routines: Good sleep, exercise, alone thinking time or therapy, time in nature, self-care routines, pleasures and hobbies, vacations, taking care of chores. 
  • Activity: Doing things I enjoy and am excited about, challenging and rewarding pursuits, learning, not overcommitting, being effective in planning and doing stuff. 
  • Community: Company of supportive and joyful well-wishers; caring for others and helping. 
I have written about these in more detail in my other post "Mostly peaceful, often joyful, sometimes upset".