I'm currently on a staycation at home, with no plans. I used to take vacations only for certain specific or special purposes like traveling to new places or social events, and there was a certain pressure to make the most of them, so this is a change. 

Thanks to COVID travel restrictions, aging into my 30s, my philosophy on LYWE and peace & joy, I have revisited and expanded my definition of vacations to the following: 

  1. Spending time on self-care and peace-promoting activities. 
  2. Spending time on any joyful activity or hobby.
This expanded definition lets me plan and take time off for a lot more things than to just travel - to write on my blog, think, read, just relax and do nothing, sleep in, catch up on chores, enjoy leisurely coffee, walks, hikes, and hangouts, etc. When I travel, my agenda is more relaxed rather than packed and I even take a day off after travel to do the above. 

Taking time for yourself and doing less or nothing are vastly underrated. It's great for inner peace, reflections, and knowing and doing what you want. Vacations for peace and joy are a step in the right direction.