3 things to look for when hiring or joining a team

1. Attitude and values 

  • Are they rational, authentic, and honest?
  • Are they curious and enthusiastic?
  • Are they optimistic and cheerful?
  • Do they take pride in their work, being good at their craft, and having an impact?
  • Do they have a growth mindset? 
  • Are they low-ego, respectful, win-win, and collaborative?

If a person has a misaligned attitude or values, it's better to say no, even if they have high capability and interest. 

    2. Capability

    • Do they have the raw smarts and foundations to learn and grow?
    • Do they have the required functional skills at the right level of the job?
    • Do they complement the team's skills and bring something new?
    • Can they communicate and collaborate well?
    • Do they have a similar previous experience with good work and insights? (less important if the above are strong)

    3. Interest

    Deep interest is a multiplier for both attitude and capability. 

    • Are they interested in the mission and domain?
    • Are they interested in the customers?
    • Are they interested in becoming better at their function and craft?
    • Are they interested in building team culture and collaboration?

    All of these apply if you want to be valued as a team member and generally be happy at work.