Write for yourself

Some of my friends tell me they want to start a blog. Most never do; some stop after just one or two posts. I have had similar starts and stops too. This isn't unlike what happens with other hobbies too. One common reason why people stop is because they write or do the hobby for others. They write to self-promote. They write as they expect others to read, share, comment, or give them a shout out. They write to get viral or famous. When those things don't happen and they likely don't for a long time, they stop.  

I think the best way to keep yourself motivated to keep writing (or any other hobby) is to do it for the joy of doing, rather than for any outside recognition or outcome. I write to get clarity. I write to systematically explore a topic and understand my thoughts and conclusions on it. I write to remember and consolidate things I learn or insights I think of, so that I can look back on them 10 or 30 years from now. I write to be creative and play with words. I write to get better at expressing myself. I write to clear my head. I write because every post I write makes me better, calmer and smarter. 

Some posts get no views, some get 1000+ views, some get likes, some get noticed by hiring managers. Maybe my 127th blog post will go viral and get me wealth and fame. Maybe. I can't plan for that or don't count on that.  

I just write for myself and that keeps me motivated.