Great technology is invisible

I'm enjoying writing and reading on my new Apple Pencil + iPad. The beauty of the iPad is how much it feels like a book. The Pencil and finger on surface feel much more natural than 1-step-removed interfaces mouses or keyboards. The UI is clean and fake constructs like windows, tabs or tool bars are all muted. 
It transforms into a blank slate where you can create or a paper that you read.  The creator and the content shine, everything else is invisible.

The ultimate technology is invisible. They are tools that empower users but get out of the way. 

In the words of Steve Jobs: “And it’s the same with Toy Story. The audience isn’t gonna care about the Pixar animation system, they’re not gonna care about the Pixar production system, they’re not gonna care about anything–except what they will be able to judge for themselves, and that’s the end result, which they can appreciate without having to understand what went into it, what went into creating it. And that, I love."