Predictions for Post-COVID world

Most Likely

Things go back to normal in six to twelve months if the stay-home orders only last for a couple of months. This situation is similar to a computer being shut down and turned on again - most programs will reopen and function as-is (unlike in 2009 where there was a software error and we had to delete and rewrite programs).


Acceleration in the "physical to digital" conversion that was already happening. Movie theaters to streaming, restaurants to food deliveries and cloud kitchens, shops to online grocery and regular shopping. Companies that enable this switch or can adapt quickly will benefit.

Less discretionary spending, travel, home/vehicle purchases, and more savings due to unemployment,  recession, and fear of travel and going outside.

More remote work as companies encourage work from home whenever employees are sick and during the regular flu season. 

New wave of young entrepreneurs and digitization of small business that will replace baby boomers who may retire earlier.  

Somewhat likely

More precautious and germaphobe culture - masks during flu season or when sick, washing hands. 

More remote social hangouts, classes, events, and gatherings via live video calls as people are forced to setup and try this now. Potentially more remote education for high school and college.

Increase in nationalism and economic self-sufficiency as governments incentivize domestic production and as trade and supply chains get disrupted.

More consolidation and automation of service industry as tech powerhouses and consolidators like Amazon take more marketshare from small, local businesses.

Less likely

New social and economic order that is more equitable and grants everyone healthcare, minimum wages, sick days. 

More progress in healthcare as there's renewed urgency, sentiment, and energy to invest more and reduce bureaucracy.

Increase in higher education in pursuit of high skill jobs as automation and recession impacts service industry.

More government control and invasion of privacy and freedoms as governments continue to build tools to monitor and control individuals and business.

More science and fact-based culture, politics, and media.