Levels of professional communication

Based on my own behaviors over the years and observing colleagues, I have noticed different levels of communication in meetings and other situations.  

Level 1 - Disruptor - High expression, High noise
Expresses many opinions with high conviction and confidence. Many opinions are wrong, impractical, or irrelevant. Derails discussions.

Level 2 - Participant - Low expression, Low noise 
Starts to understand gaps in personal knowledge and complexity of problems, so offers fewer opinions and asks more questions.

Level 3 - Driver - High expression, High signal
More competent in role and organization. Expresses many thoughtful and correct opinions, but not all are important or relevant. Drives discussions.

Level 4 - Leader - Low expression, High signal
Expresses few important opinions, but highly insightful, memorable, and inspiring. Opinions get repeated around the organization and impact decisions. Empowers and coaches Drivers.