We were at a couple of cafes and restaurants in Seattle this weekend, and remarked how hip they are, and how hip the people are.

We concluded the hipness of these cafes had to mainly do with the decor - usually a combination of exposed brick wall, indoor plants, wood, and bold colored walls and furniture. The fashionable baristas and the single source, $8 drip coffee selection contributed as well.

Something is hip when it is unique, interesting, and potentially worth emulating. It is the cutting edge of fashion, decor, or culture. Hip-ness is an idea generation and selection mechanism for a society. Hipsters explore and extend the edges of these fields - by being opinionated, bold,  and willing creators and perpetrators of new ideas.

There is a constant cycle of what's hip. As a hip thing becomes popular, then the industrial efficiencies kick in. The big brands step in, the products get manufactured and sold at scale. Then the hip thing becomes mainstream, and something new becomes hip. We humans crave get bored quickly and seek the next cool thing.